As a company that has been committed to the resource-saving recycling of recyclable materials for decades, Pekutherm has been supporting international climate protection projects to avoid CO2 emissions for years.

For a long time we have been making the processes in our company environmentally friendly through a variety of measures – from green electricity and photovoltaics to reusable packaging and company carpooling – and keep the CO2 emissions in the production of our recyclates as low as possible. We record the remaining CO2 emissions that have so far been unavoidable in the production of our PC recyclate together with ClimatePartner and, with our financial support for international projects to save CO2, ensure that our product carbon footprint is offset elsewhere.

Climate friendly PC recyclate

Climate friendly PMMA recyclate

Further information on CO2 compensation by climate protection projects supported by climate protection projects can be found here:

» Climate Protection Projects PC-Recyklat
» Climate Protection Projects PMMA-Recyklat

Detailed descriptions of the supported climate projects can be found here:

Climate project om 2023:
» Efficient Cooking Stoves + Solar Lights (MEC): India, nationwide

Climate projects in 2021 und 2022:
» Clean Drinking Water: Kono, Sierra Leone
» Clean Drinking Water: Odisha, India
» Regional Project: Planting Trees, Germany