Up-to-date information about plastic recycling


Up-to-date information about plastic recycling

Exolon Group cooperates with Pekutherm in closed-loop Recycling for Thermoplastics

To meet the need for sustainable products, one of the leading manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets - the Exolon Group - has launched the “Closing the loop” project. With Pekutherm, Exolon Group customers get the right recycling partner for offcuts and old material when purchasing new material.

06. March 2024|

Climate-friendly PC and PMMA recyclates through CO2 compensation

As a company that has been committed to the resource-saving recycling of recyclable materials for decades, Pekutherm has been supporting international climate protection projects to avoid CO2 emissions for years.For a long time we have been making the processes [...]

31. August 2023|

Prime example of recycling: How a plastics processing company saves over 400 tons of CO2

Value-added recycling for compliance through to the labor market Geisenheim / Ortenberg, 29. August 2023 – While waste separation and recycling are mandatory and standard in the private sector, the situation is often different in industry: "Plastic waste, offcuts [...]

29. August 2023|

ECOBOX for sustainable recycling

Genuine sustainability and circular economy have been important to us for decades. With the ECOBOX we close the loop by recycling your collected acrylic glass or polycarbonate waste and producing the recycled raw material REZYKLAT from it. Our customers [...]

28. January 2022|

Climate-neutral Pekutherm products

As a recycling company, Pekutherm has been helping other companies manufacture their products in a resource-saving manner by recycling raw materials for over three decades. Furthermore, we have designed our operational processes to be environmentally friendly and have [...]

18. March 2021|
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