Up-to-date information about plastic recycling


Up-to-date information about plastic recycling

Acrylic Recycling
Made in Germany

pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH has been specializing in the recycling of post-industrial clear acrylic rests for more then 30 years now. The company produces high quality recyclates and recompounds used primary for top plastic products of the German automobile and electronic [...]

22. January 2018|

Instead of gifts: pekutherm donates to Bärenherz

Every year at Christmas time, we usually send little somethings and greeting cards to our suppliers and customers to thank them for a good and successful cooperation.This year, we also would like to say thank you, but thought of something [...]

28. November 2014|

Climate protective plastic recycling: pekutherm obtains green electricity

How can a corporation fulfill responsibility and make a contribution to climate protection? Since January 1, 2014, pekutherm has been purchasing green electricity from LichtBlick, an independent energy supplier based in Hamburg. LichtBlick completely wins green electricity from renewable energy [...]

21. January 2014|

Acrylic recycling: We also collect used acrylic waste

pekutherm also collects used acrylic waste that may come from many different industries: discarded displays, stand-up displays, brochure stands, advertising signs, light fixtures, acrylic furniture, greenhouse roofs. Depending on quality and quantity, we offer a profitable remuneration for used acrylics. [...]

09. January 2013|

New location for pekutherm

Pekutherm, the plastic recycler specialized in the recovery of industrial residual plastics of acrylic glass (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC), has moved. Since the beginning of the year, the company has been relocated step by step to the new location [...]

04. April 2012|
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