As a recycling company, Pekutherm has been helping other companies manufacture their products in a resource-saving manner by recycling raw materials for over three decades. Furthermore, we have designed our operational processes to be environmentally friendly and have been using 100% clean power since the beginning of 2020. Furthermore, we avoid and reduce CO2 emissions in the manufacture of our recyclates wherever possible.

By supporting a climate protection project to compensate for our CO2 emissions, we have now taken another important step on our way to our goal of becoming a climate-neutral company.

Our PC recyclate is climate neutral

Together with ClimatePartner, we measured the CO2 emissions that occur during the manufacture of our polycarbonate recyclate through raw materials, packaging, logistics, and disposal. This socalled Product Carbon Footprint for our PC recyclate amounts to a yearly production volume of 33,640 kg of CO2, which is generated, among other things, in the area of transport and logistics.

To offset all unavoidable CO 2 emissions, we support a recognized and internationally certified climate protection project to save CO2 in India. For this, our PC recyclate has received the label “climate neutral”.

Climate protection project to save CO2

By financially supporting the climate protection project “Clean Drinking Water Odisha, India,” we ensure that the amount of CO2 that is generated in the production of our PC recyclate is saved elsewhere.

Since in India – a country with almost 1.4 billion inhabitants — only 32 percent of households have access to clean water, many people there make do with boiling contaminated water over an open fire. The smoke resulting from this causes diseases in the respiratory tract and the high consumption of firewood leads to the increasing deforestation of entire regions and the release of large amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

A simple and affordable supply of clean drinking water can make a big difference here — both for people’s health and for environmental and climate protection. That is why the project organizes the treatment of water, both through mechanical filtering as well as chemical treatment using a chloride solution that is made on site.

The treated water is then available for low prices in small village shops or is delivered to people’s homes. Thus, the climate protection project, which has been tested and certified according to international standards, verifiably saves greenhouse gases. ClimatePartner’s TÜV Austria-certified process for the compensation of CO2 emissions guarantees additional security.

Transparency for our customers: “climate neutral“ certificate

Climate neutrality means that CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum and any remaining CO2 emissions are compensated through climate protection measures. For the climate, it does not matter where greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere and where they are being reduced. An overall decrease in global emissions is important.

By assigning the independent label “climate neutral” to our PC recyclate, we make it possible for our customers to comprehend the climate neutrality of this product. Additionally, we are already supporting another project to compensate CO2 for our acrylic glass/PMMA recyclate, which will also receive the “climate neutral” certificate in the coming weeks.