Genuine sustainability and circular economy have been important to us for decades. With the ECOBOX we close the loop by recycling your collected acrylic glass or polycarbonate waste and producing the recycled raw material REZYKLAT from it. Our customers produce new sustainable products from the recycled material, such as plates, lamps or sockets.

Correctly sorted separation

You can use the ECOBOX for sorting acrylic or polycarbonate scrap in any shape and color. Important is to collect it separately: Acrylic to Acrylic and PC to PC. Our ECOBOX is available for cut-offs, GS, XT, Resist, hard-coated, colorless, colored, white, printed, with or without film, corrugated panels, twin-wall sheets, solid panels, acrylic after use, displays, advertising signs, dividers, hygiene protection panels, canopies etc. Don’t use the ECOBOX for other plastics, metal and other waste materials.

Video: Construction of the ECOBOX

Order ECOBOX online – fill up – pick up for free

Simply order the ECOBOXES online from us and we will deliver you the desired quantity. As soon as the ECOBOXES are filled with acrylic glass or polycarbonate scrap, we will pick them up free of charge from you and will also supply you with new, empty ECOBOXES on request.