Plastic Recyclates

The super raw material – sustainable and climate-friendly

Plastic Recyclates

The super raw material – sustainable and climate-friendly

High quality acrylic and polycarbonate recyclate from Pekutherm

PMMA recyclate

PMMA recyclate

PMMA recyclate in different grain sizes:
fine, medium, coarse

100% sorted, clean and dedusted

Our recyclates made of PMMA and PC are convincing due to their purity, good flowability and unclouded brilliance. They have the same processing properties as virgin materials, help save costs and are ideally suited for the production of sustainable plastic products.

Our recyclates are manufactured from post-industrial or post-consumer material using a mechanical process and undergo multi-stage quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Our acrylic and polycarbonate recyclates are 100% sorted, clean and dedusted. Recyclates such as those used for the manufacture of sustainable plastic products in the automotive and electrical industries, or for the production of special MMA-based chemical products.

The material is delivered in big bags of 1,000 kg, 600 kg or bags of 25 kg in various grain sizes:

  • Fine regrind: 0,2 to 1 mm
  • Regrind: 5 to 8 mm
  • Coarse regrind: 25 to 35 mm
  • Special grain sizes on request

We actively reduce our CO2 emissions by using green electricity, photovoltaics, reusable packaging, carpooling and supporting climate protection projects. Our PMMA and PC recyclates are produced in a climate-neutral manner.

Certificate Polycarbonate
Certificate PMMA
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Our quality standards

Pekutherm recycles only A-grade sheet and off-cut scrap originating from Germany-based plastics manufacturing and processing companies. From delivery to processing, our trained and experienced staff checks the scrap for cleanliness and contamination by hand — every single piece. At our factory, we gently regrind and sift the material with high-quality processing machines and special sifters located in dust-proofed rooms.

We process only one type of plastic per granulator to prevent an uncontrolled contamination with foreign material from other batches. On request, we also supply the material as pellets or special re-compounds.

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