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We specialize in the material recycling of acrylic glass and polycarbonate scrap and recycle more than 5,000 tons of secondary plastics per year.

As a full-service provider for companies that process plastic sheets and semi-finished products, we offer a comprehensive concept for the disposal of all plastics that are produced during processing (e.g. PP, PE, PVC, PET-G and aluminium composite), including the provision of suitable collection boxes and a pan-European logistics.

We process plastic scrap on contract orders, and are manufacturer of crystal clear and colored PMMA and PC recyclates as well as the proven cylinder purging compound purogran.®

Plastics Recycling

We buy production plastic scrap and used plastic rests


For the regular purchase of sheet and cut-offs made of acrylic glass, polycarbonate and other plastics, we offer fair and attractive prices. We provide collection boxes and provide reliable collection with our high-performance logistics.

Highly Transparent Plastic Recyclates

100% sorted, clean and dust-free


pekutherm’s highly transparent PMMA and PC-recyclates convince with unalloyed purity, cleanness, and uncloudy brilliance. They possess the same processing characteristics as virgin material, help saving costs and are an ideal complement for producing high-quality plastic products.

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Other services and products


Toll Grinding

We recycle your plastic scrap

Cut costs by making the most out of your purchased virgin materials: With our professional toll grinding services you can quickly re-use your recycled rests for the current production. In terms of purity and quality, the toll grinded recyclate equals virgin materials.


purogran® Cyclinder Purging Compounds

Gentle, effective, and cost-saving

When changing color or materials, purogran® purges extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding machines gently, highly effective and most-importantly cost-saving. It’s quickly and smoothly to apply, easy to handle and absolutely non-toxic.


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