Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH

Responsible acting for the purpose of sustainability:
Plastics recycling by conviction for more than three decades

Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH

Responsible acting for the purpose of sustainability:
Plastics recycling by conviction for more than three decades

Company information

For over 30 years, Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH has been specializing in the production of acrylic and polycarbonate recyclates made from post-industrial, extruded sheet rests.

As a full-service provider, we offer our customers a complete concept for the disposal of all plastics that are produced during the processing of semi-finished products.

Whatever we do, we act according to our principles and always with our business policies in mind:

For over 30 years now, long before sustainability moved into the focus of public attention, we’ve been professionally recycling valuable raw materials and so made a contribution to save natural resources. And we’ve been supporting other production companies to produce more sustainably and economically.

Responsible action is the foundation of our business culture – in both ecological and social concerns. This also includes the fair and respectful treatment of employees, customers and suppliers as well as a highest possible transparency of all business processes.

For many years, our customers have been appreciating the high quality of our products and our extensive services. We don’t rest on our success, but resolutely pursue our goal, day by day: to become the leading company for PMMA and polycarbonate recycling, providing the best recyclates and services for our customers.

Strong together – with commitment and competence:
Managing Director Heiko Pfister and Commercial Manager Daniela Pfister

TÜV certificate 2024
Waste Management Company

Pekutherm is German TÜV certified waste management company for plastics, according to § 56 of the Recycling Economy Act in connection with the German Waste Management Facility Directive. The business operations match the demands of the German Waste Management Facility Directive in respect of collecting, transporting, warehousing and the treatment of technical plastic waste without harmful attachments.

Partners in
climate protection

We actively reduce our CO2 emissions by using green electricity, photovoltaics, reusable packaging, carpooling and supporting climate protection projects.

LichtBlick Green
Electricity Certificate

Since January 1, 2020, Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH is supplied with green electricity by LichtBlick. The electrical energy fed into the power grid by LichtBlick does not come from nuclear, coal or oil power plants, and is obtained entirely from ecological energy sources. By purchasing LichtBlick electricity, Pekutherm avoids 136.83 tons of attributable CO emissions annually.

pekutherm products

For the second time, Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH has been awarded the silver EcoVadis certificate for sustainable action. With this pleasing result, acrylic and polycarbonate recycling specialist pekutherm ranks among the top 25% of service providers in the recycling industry that are above average active and responsible in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS).

Authorized Collection Partner
in the A|U|F e. V

We are authorized collection partner for aluminum composite panels in the association A.U.F. and thus offer a certified material cycle for panels and leftovers from aluminum composite such as e.g. Dibond

High-quality machines, trained staff and know-how based on many years of experience

High-quality machines, trained staff and know-how based on many years of experience are crucial for the quality of our services and products and ultimately the key to success. Reliable and punctual work flows are a necessary precondition for smooth processes.

Thanks to our modern and powerful logistics and the use of fuel-saving vehicles, we are capable to pick up plastics and deliver our products cost-effectively. Especially high-capacity boxes help to collect bulky materials without additional work steps.

Processing the plastics – exclusively on high-quality granulators

We process the plastics exclusively on high-quality granulators to ensure a careful but nevertheless efficient material grinding.

To eliminate dust, we’ve developed special sifters enabling us to accurately control the regrind’s fine portion. You can use recyclates processed in this way exactly like prime virgin resins; transparent acrylic or polycarbonate recyclates keep their transparency and brilliance.

All of the company’s employees are thoroughly trained. They know that absolute cleanliness and contamination-free materials are of crucial importance for the pre-paration and the processing of the scraps, what is especially true for transparent material types.

More than 30 years of market experience

Our management possesses more than 30 years of detailed market and material knowledge. We exactly know the origin and the quality of all semi-finished scraps we buy, and know what matters in processing them. This is the only way to achieve the quality our customers expect from our company and gives them the decisive competitive advantage.

Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH at a glance:

  • Owner-managed family business since 1985
  • Certified waste management company (EfbV) from TÜV SÜD
  • Approved recycling plant according to Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG)
  • Recycling of acrylic glass (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC) and production of pure recyclates
  • 5 crushing units, 1 shredder
  • 40 employees regular staff
  • More than 7,000 collection boxes in use throughout Europe
  • 15,000 m2 of production and storage area
  • Material processing 5,000 tons annually
  • Member of the Federal Association of Secondary Raw Materials and Disposal e. V.

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