Toll grinding

We turn waste into high-quality raw material.

Due to our professional toll grinding, you can quickly re-use your expertly processed rests for the current production. In respect of purity and quality, the toll grinded recyclate has the same processing characteristics as virgin material. What means, you make the most of your purchased virgin materials and lower costs.

We recycle all of your plastic waste in every form and quality. These include engineering plastics such as PMMA, PC, SAN, ABS, or PA. Especially the recycling of transparent plastic requires absolutely clean and safe work procedures. We’ve been specializing in it for many years.

We process your plastic scrap in our own company.
Due to our quality management, you’ll get back your own valuable original material again
as clean recyclate guaranteed free of any contaminations.

  • Separating and sorting of mixed rests according to quality and color
  • Removal of masking films and other composites
  • Dismantling of other parts
  • Toll grinding from powder to coarse regrind (1-35 mm)
  • Sifting and dust removal
  • Metal removal
  • Sieving
  • Packaging in all standard containers (octabins, jumbo bags, paper bags, pallet cages)

Our full service:

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