Plastic Recycling

We at pekutherm turn your industrial PMMA and PC plastic scrap into high-quality recyclates and recompounds.

Acrylic Recycling

We buy PMMA XT, GS, XT-HI from industrial production or used, with PE-masking film or without, transparent, colored or colored mixed. Sheets, off-cuts, double-skin sheets, deep-drawn parts or lumps – We buy your industrial rests and used rests.

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Polycarbonate Recycling

We buy industrial polycarbonate, with LDPE-masking film or without, transparent, colored, even colored mixed. Sheets, off-cuts, double-skin sheets, deep-drawn parts or lumps, sorted or mixed.

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CD Recycling

Professionally dispose CDs: Located in Geisenheim at the western part of the Rhine-Main metropolitan region, our recycling center buys CD- and DVD rests of all production stages. Within the field of the municipal CD waste management, we are a reliable partner for all cities and communities.

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Toll Grinding

Due to our toll grinding services, you’ll save costs and resources!

Due to our professional toll grinding, you can quickly re-use your expertly processed rests for the current production. In respect of purity and quality, the toll grinded recyclate has the same processing characteristics as virgin material. What means, you make the most of your purchased virgin materials and lower costs.

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Our recycling center buys your plastic rests.

Our recycling center buys acrylic and polycarbonate waste at fair and attractive prices, and furthermore offers a complete waste management service for many plastic type sheet rests, like PA thermoplastics, PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, POM, SAN, PET, PET-G, and also for special types on request.
Accepted qualities: sorted, mixed, dirty

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What price do we offer for your industrial plastic rests?

Here, you’ll receive a fair price offer from us.
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Our services:

  • Fair and attractive prices for PMMA and PC recyclables
  • Complete disposal of many production waste plastic types / special materials from sheets
  • Free provision of suitable collection boxes in direct exchange
  • Appointed pickups with own truck or haulage contractor guaranteed on schedule – within 48 hours on request, throughout Europe
  • Professional recycling under valid law: pekutherm is German TÜV-certified waste management company and Federal Pollution Control Act certified recycling facility
  • We issue a waste management certificate, so you can document the disposal and the recycling of your waste without any problems
  • Instant and uncomplicated payment of the amount

Our pekutherm collection boxes system

Three strong alternatives for your needs

Foldable Bigbox

A closed box for dust-free collection, especially suitable for small parts.

Size: 120 x 100 x 100 cm
Volume: 900 l

Euro pallet cage

Our most commonly used collection box. Due to its size it offers advantages in transportation and logistics

Size: 125 x 82 x 98 cm

pekutherm high-capacity box

Our foldable high-capacity box is especially suitable for bigger parts. Folded, it saves space in the warehouse.

Size: 220 x 110 x 100 cm

Why plastic recycling?

Plastic recycling from pekutherm …

  • serves the reduction of waste. We professionally recycle plastic rests and make the re-usable
  • spares the natural ressources and helps saving CO2 and oil
  • enables producers to save virgin materials and produce sustainable products with high-quality recyclates instead.