CD/DVD Recycling

We buy post-industrial CD and DVD scrap and used CDs and DVDs.

  • Blanks

  • Sprues
  • Lumps
  • CDs/DVDs – metallized, recorded, and printed
  • Used CDs/DVDs, recorded, and printed
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What price do we offer for your CD/DVD-recyclables?

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Your advantages:

  • Appointed pickups with own truck or haulage contractor guaranteed on schedule — within 48 hours on request, throughout Europe
  • Pick-up shuttle service for amounts up to 3 metric tons
  • We also accept smaller amounts less than 1 metric ton when delivered carriage-free to our factory, e.g. by package delivery or hauler
  • Weighing of the materials
  • We issue a waste management certificate so you can document the CD and DVD desposal without any problems
  • Instant payment of the amount

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Dispose CDs professionally

CDs and DVDs are almost exclusively made of valuable polycarbonate and possess excellent preconditions for an effective recycling. Our Geisenheim-based recycling center at the Western part of the Rhine-Main metropolitan area buys CD and DVD rests of all production stages. However, we also collect post-consumer CDs and DVDs from companies, local authorities and associations, who now go green and collect their silver discs for recycling. pekutherm is also a reliable partner for local community CD / DVD waste management programs.

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