pekutherm also collects used acrylic waste that may come from many different industries: discarded displays, stand-up displays, brochure stands, advertising signs, light fixtures, acrylic furniture, greenhouse roofs. Depending on quality and quantity, we offer a profitable remuneration for used acrylics. We are happy to take pre-sorted material; mixed or contaminated batches can also be processed.

Your advantage: In cooperation with pekutherm, producers and processors of acrylic products can offer their customers a complete redemption or disposal plan. Your customer already knows when buying that he doesn´t need to worry about the disposal of the used acrylic when it becomes due. An important argument when it comes to the presentation of your services.

How does it work? When supplying your customer, you take the acrylic rests yourself, collect the material in collecting boxes provided by pekutherm at your company, and we pick them up from you when a relevant quantity has been reached. The alternative: You hire pekutherm to pick up the acrylic rests directly from your customer. Across Germany at appointed time and with collection guarantee, with our own truck or a trusted carrier, and within 48 hours upon request.

We can best answer in a joint conversation which waste management concept for you is the right one. You can reach us by telephone at +49 6722 937703-3 or send an e-mail to: (Purchase & Sales).

We look forward to your message!